As a self-managed artist, hiring The Syrup Factory to develop and help execute all my campaigns has been a refreshing and fruitful experience. I’m seeing my fanbase grow and feeling more connected to my online audience. I’m also feeling for the first time, an overwhelming support for my goals and artistic visions. It’s been so great to have no BS partners to help me make important career and financial decisions
— Christina Martin / Come Undone Records

When we discovered that Laura Simpson was offering artist services it was a no-brainer to ask her if she’d like to work with us. We knew Laura through her love and commitment to the local music scene through her Syrup Factory house concerts and it was such a pleasure to get to know her and her team through our Artist Discovery process. I would call it a distillation, the way we plopped all this information on Laura’s lap and discovered, with the Syrup Factory team guidance, the essence of who we are as a musical team and how to project that to our audience. What I loved about working with Syrup Factory, and in particular Laura and Sarah Jamer, was their devotion to the music industry and their confidence in us to be a part of it. We seriously increased our social media presence and following and have discovered new ways of creating and sharing our musical journey. We have since hired Syrup Factory for Conference Representation and will definitely work them in the future!
— Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin

I loved Laura’s enthusiasm and assertiveness. She was always clear about questions to ask in developing a brand and staying on brand. She attracted press and came up with innovative marketing. The industry needs more of her enthusiasm and good energy.
— Heather Rankin

I’ve been very pleased with all of the work I’ve done with The Syrup Factory. They set clear objectives then work diligently towards meeting them. Correspondence is always extremely prompt and the whole team are very receptive to adjusting the plans on the fly to suit the dynamic nature of the music business.
— Ian Janes

When we wanted to take the promotion strategy for our latest album to the next level, The Syrup Factory helped us immensely! Their multi-talented team was able to help us achieve every goal we set. If you need a team that will help share the stressful workload that we as artists face, The Syrup Factory is it!
— Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset