Artist Services

We put artists first. Our mission is to draw out the true potential in each artist. We work with artists on a contract basis to provide support through a particular project or time period and get to the next phase of their career, faster, and with greater chance of success. When you work with The Syrup Factory, we use a discovery process that allows us to understand your motivations and big ideas for the future. Then, we conduct an audit of your digital presence, review your goals of the project and get to work creating a strategy just for you. We believe in the 'teach a man how to fish' strategy, so we provide weekly goals for you to complete to help you through the project. Our process works because we put you and your needs first, prioritize clear and regular communication and take an in-depth approach to problem-solving. 

Album Release 

Releasing an album is a complicated and comprehensive project that includes market research, strategy creation and implementation, project management, publicity and more. We support you in the creation and management of this strategy to make sure your album release is a success! 

Artist Identity Development

If you are amplifying your public presence, re-articulating your identity, or you want to ensure your public identity is presented in an authentic and powerful way, we can help.  We use  create a digital marketing strategy and help you connect with your digital audience through telling the story of your artist identity. 

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Tour Support & Strategy 

A tour strategy can be hard to manage from the road. Leave communication, promotion and marketing to us while you focus on the performance. We can also support with remote tour management to help advance shows and manage logistics. This project can also include a live performance review to help perfect your live performance. 


Need Funding Support?

We can help you access funding and grants from a variety of resources. Let our team (one of the top local grant-writers + a former funding program officer) help you develop a strategy, apply for funding and execute the project. 


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Syrup Factory 120 Sessions

Our team offers one-on-one consulting sessions that are up to two hours (120 mins) in length. These sessions work well if you need to talk something through or need some insight on a project you are working on. You will receive a mini-strategy, actionable timeline and instructions on how to reach your goals.  Each session is $100 payable in advance.



All Things Strategy
with Sarah Jamer

Sarah's sessions focus on all things strategy. From business planning to marketing, she can help you see the future. 

Don't Waste Your Ad Budgets
with Sara Russell

Sara's sessions focus on best practices for social/digital advertising.  Did we mention she is a graphic designer? She can review your graphics and offer suggestions on branding. 

Impress the Media
with Jill Chappell

Jill's sessions will help you impress the media. Get coaching on how to attract media with releases, conducting interviews, getting the right quotes printed, and more! 

Your Guide to Funding
with Krista Keough

Krista's sessions can help guide you through the world of funding and revenue collection. Develop a strategy or get your application reviewed!