Laura Simpson - Founder 

Laura has been an avid live music fan since she was 14, going to all-ages shows and then eventually taking photos of her favourite artists, including the cover shot of Joel Plaskett's Truthfully Truthfully album.

Laura spent seven years working at Music Nova Scotia in communications, export development and artist support. In 2015, Laura mentored with Livia Tortella of Black Box (formerly president of Warner Brothers Records) in Los Angeles. There, she took cues on how one of the most innovative music companies was adapting to major changes in the largest music market in the world. As a result, The Syrup Factory methodology is uniquely created to develop effective digital marketing, comprehensive strategy and brilliant artist branding.

Currently, Laura is spending her time time building Side Door with Dan Mangan and their team. Sarah Jamer manages the day-to-day of The Syrup Factory.


Sarah Jamer- Co-Owner

Sarah's first album was Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever and her first concert was The Rolling Stones. She grew up with family kitchen parties and tap dancing to the The Rankin Family. 

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University as well as a diploma in Business Administration from the Nova Scotia Community College. She has a diverse background in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship that brings a unique perspective when working with artists. In 2015, Sarah met Laura Simpson, Founder of The Syrup Factory and started dipping her toes into the music industry in Nova Scotia. Sarah became a Co-Owner of The Syrup Factory in April 2018. She manages the day-to-day of The Syrup Factory and leads strategy to help artists better connect with their audiences.

A believer in entrepreneurship, Sarah supports artists in developing their entrepreneurial side while maintaining their artistic integrity to maximize revenue potential. She does this by focusing on project based work designed to give artists the support they need through special projects and career changing moments.



Sara Russell - Artist Services

Sara has lived in Halifax ever since moving here from England when she was 13, and lived out her teens years watching punk shows at the Pavilion. Her first cassette tape was Very Necessary by Salt ’n’ Pepa when she was 7, and her favourite concert was watching Nick Cave in an old theatre in Brooklyn (life changing).

As a NSCAD graduate, Sara has an affinity for anything creative. After leaving a successful career in retail management and visual merchandising, her skills were quickly rewarded with a position at for the Halifax Pop Explosion, and currently as the Marketing Manager for the Halifax Jazz Festival.

Sara started work with the Syrup Factory in the spring of 2017, where she helps artists reach their marketing and advertising goals, as well as supporting with graphic design and web development skills.